Director Stephanie Dowthwaite has extensive experience within the Jewellery industry. She began by starting work with a retail jeweller where she learnt the fundamentals of the trade, awaking a passion for antiques and gemstones. Since then she has strived to obtain as much knowledge and expertise as possible. Making her now one of the most highly qualified jewellery experts in the south. She holds Gem-A's prestigious gemmology diploma, along with their diamond diploma - which she passed with distinction - and is a Fellow of the National Association of Jewellers, also holding their Professional Jewellers diploma. All this is alongside being a Member of the Institute of Registered Valuers and still continuing to grow her knowledge base by attending trade conferences and workshops. 

Being an independent as a Jewellery Valuer and Consultant allows Stephanie to give completely impartial valuations, whilst remaining connected to all aspects of the trade. 

Stephanie enjoys the opportunity valuing gives her to examine the many different, unique and beautiful items her customers bring to her. Many of these items hold very high sentimental and/or monetary value, and they are always expertly handled and thoroughly examined. A free condition assessment is carried out as part of your valuation allowing you to be notified of any necessary maintenance.